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Welcome to The Natural Food Store, delivering delicious brands like Walden Farms and Heaven & Earth directly to your home in Canada! It is our mission to provide you with products that help you to eat a healthier diet, have better energy, and live a happier life! If you are looking for products that are sugar free, gluten free, and have little to no calories, we've got an assortment of products that are exactly what you need, without sacrificing any of the flavor.


Since 1972, Walden Farms has been a leader in the health food industry, with three generations maintaining the highest possible quality standards while creating innovative lifestyle choices. Walden Farms was among the first to bring delicious tasting reduced calorie and reduced fat Salad Dressings to healthy eaters more than 39 years ago. Walden Farms mission has been to develop healthy specialty foods, helping people control their calories, fat, carbohydrates, gluten and sugar intake without giving up great taste.  Today, the culinary and nutritional experts in the Walden Farms kitchens have accomplished a remarkable achievement, developing the world’s only family of calorie free specialties! No calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind!


Heaven & Earth is a new brand that develops “better for you” food products with real ingredients that cater to the health conscious, as well as the regular Mom who wants to serve her children (as well as herself) more wholesome products. H&E products are “All Natural” and will expand options for consumers looking to improve their healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to serve you a piece of Heaven and Earth! Cheers!

To your health and enjoyment,

The Natural Food Store