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Manischewitz Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Mix - 127g | Authentic Flavor without Compromise

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Product Description

Nothing Artificial, No MSG Added, Low-Fat, and Sugar-Free

Savor the traditional taste without compromise with Manischewitz Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Mix. This 127g mix captures the authentic flavor you love while adhering to your dietary preferences. Crafted with care, this matzo ball mix contains nothing artificial, no added MSG, and is low-fat and sugar-free, making it a wholesome choice for your culinary creations. Elevate your meals with the delightful taste of gluten-free matzo balls, perfect for soups, stews, or as a side dish. Enjoy the ease of preparation and the satisfaction of knowing you're indulging in a delicious, health-conscious option.

Key Features:

  1. Authentic Flavor: Experience the timeless taste of matzo balls with Manischewitz's gluten-free mix.
  2. Nothing Artificial: Crafted with a commitment to pure ingredients, this mix contains nothing artificial.
  3. No MSG Added: Enjoy the goodness of matzo balls without added MSG for a wholesome dining experience.
  4. Low-Fat: Indulge guilt-free with a low-fat matzo ball mix that doesn't compromise on flavor.
  5. Sugar-Free: Embrace a sugar-free option, perfect for those mindful of their sugar intake.

Bring the taste of tradition to your table with Manischewitz Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Mix. Create delicious, health-conscious matzo balls that everyone can enjoy.

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Kosher For Passover
  • Sugar Free