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Sano Disposable Wet Rags - Bag of 10 | Effortless Cleaning for Parquet Floors

by Sano
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Product Description

Pull Out for Quick, Easy, and Protective Cleaning

Introducing Sano Disposable Wet Rags in a convenient bag of 10, specially designed for parquet floors. Pulled out one by one, these wet rags make cleaning a breeze, providing a quick, easy, and protective solution for maintaining the beauty of your parquet floors. Large, thick, and equipped with protective pads, these wet rags are perfect for polishing wood floors, natural, and synthetic parquet.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Cleaning for Parquet Floors: Experience quick, easy, and effortless cleaning with disposable wet rags specifically crafted for parquet floors.
  2. Pulled Out One by One: Enjoy the convenience of pulling out wet rags one by one, ensuring a hassle-free and controlled cleaning process.
  3. Large and Thick: Benefit from the generous size and thickness of these wet rags, providing ample coverage and durability for effective cleaning.
  4. Protective Pads: Preserve the beauty of your parquet floor with wet rags featuring protective pads, ensuring gentle and protective cleaning.
  5. Polish Wood Floors: Elevate the shine of wood floors, natural, and synthetic parquet as you clean, leaving a polished and refreshed appearance.

Whether you're performing routine maintenance or giving your parquet floors a thorough cleaning, Sano Disposable Wet Rags in a bag of 10 offer a convenient and protective solution.

Elevate your parquet floor care with Sano Disposable Wet Rags - where effortless cleaning meets protective preservation.

  • Kosher
  • Kosher For Passover